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Office Work

Our teachers and Classroom Coordinators are always looking for volunteers willing to give a little time to do office tasks (printing, laminating, etc.) Please email Jordan, the Volunteer Coordinator, (volunteer@lovelandclassical.org) to get set up with an opportunity, or for more information.


All visitors will be subject to a short background screen at the front desk. After a successful check, you will be issued a pink badge. There is a manual sign-in and sign-out clipboard at the front desk for all visitors. If you have a VITAL badge but are only visiting, scan your badge at the VITAL computer and select “Just Visiting”. Remember to scan out as you leave.

Gold Badge

These are for frequent visitors, meaning that you volunteer only once a year, you walk your kindergartner to class regularly, or frequently visit class presentations, etc. but do not volunteer in the classroom. You will keep this badge and use it to check in and out at the front desk when you visit.

Salmon Badge

These are for situations when have not yet been approved in VITAL or you visit occasionally. All salmon badges must be returned upon leaving the building.

See below for how to obtain your VITAL badge.


How to log hours:

  1. Log in to your VITAL account.
  2. Select VOLUNTEER (left menu list).
  3. Select HOURS from the volunteer drop down.
  4. Scroll down to the TIME LOG to enter your hours.
  5. You can enter hours for multiple days, just select the date using the calendar date picker.
  6. All of your logged hours are listed and can be adjusted at any time!

Use the LOG YOUR TIME button at the top of this page.

VITAL Badge – Do I need one?

YES if… You plan to volunteer more than once this year.

YES if… You are a board member or a sub-committee member.

YES if… You do fundraising activities.

YES if… You volunteer as an athletic coach or club sponsor.

NO if… You are only interested in carpool, pick-up/drop-off.

NO if… You ONLY volunteer remotely and away from students and student information.


How to obtain your VITAL Badge

  1. Go to http://www.thompsonschools.org/Page/2277
  2. Submit requested information including your volunteering areas of interest.
  3. Upon approval, badges are generally available at the front desk within two weeks.
  4. In the meantime, you’ll still need your photo ID to obtain a VISITOR badge each time you enter the building.