Transportation is the responsibility of the student and his/her family. Many LCS students participate in a carpool. LCS encourages parents to utilize carpooling whenever possible to mitigate the travel demand into and out of campus. Loveland Classical Schools has arranged a carpool binder that is located at the front desk. It is a student directory that is divided into the district elementary school assigned to your address. For parents who wish to use this resource, please visit the front desk. All names must remain in the binder. If you prefer to remove your own name from the binder or add your name to the binder (should you not be in there), simply ask the front desk or the Carpool Coordinator to do that. You may contact the Carpool Coordinator at Loveland Classical Schools by calling or by for help with traffic direction questions.

Main Campus Transportation Plan

2015-2016 Morning Dropoff Plan

2015-2016 Afternoon Pickup Plan

Second Campus Transportation Plan

2015-2016 High School Campus Dropoff and Pickup Plan