The Riggs Institute

Supporting the Core Knowledge sequence is the Riggs literacy program. The Riggs method is a phonics-based program that began 120 years ago by Dr. Samuel T. Orton. The program teaches students the foundational sounds made by letters and groups of letters. As young students learn to read, they are able to sound out words by using the phonograms already instilled in them. They are able to compare the sounds with words they already know until they eventually speak the correct combination. As they do this, they can identify what is right and what is not. In doing so, students learn to become self-sufficient in reading alone. It offers practical support to teach the following language arts "strands" and various components of cognitive development:

  • "Explicit" phonics with dictated initial letter formation
  • Phonemic and graphemic awareness
  • Correct spelling with the standardized 47 spelling rules of English
  • Fluent oral and silent reading
  • Oral and print comprehension
  • Vocabulary
  • Pronunciation and speech
  • Creative and organizational composition
  • Grammar, syntax, punctuation and capitalization
  • Analytical and inferential thinking
  • Auditory, visual, verbal, and motor cognitive development in:
  • Attention
  • Discrimination
  • Association
  • Memory

To learn more about the Riggs program and the research that supports it, visit The Riggs Institute website. You may also contact your child's English teacher to learn more about or to ask questions regarding Riggs.