School Operations Policies

Policies concerning Support Services

Section E contains statements on non-instructional services and programs, including most of those that fall in the area of business management such as safety, buildings and their management (not construction), transportation and food services.

Policy NumberPolicy Title
EBEnvironmental and Safety Program
EB-REnvironmental and Safety Program
EBABuildings and Grounds Inspections
EBABHazardous Materials
EBAB-RReporting of Hazards / Warning Systems
EBB-RRisk Management and Safety Procedures
EBBAHandling Body Fluids and Substances
EBBA-EGuidelines for Handling Body Fluids and Substances in Schools
EBBBAccident Reports
EBBB-RAccident Reports
EBCBFire Drills
ECDCustodial Services
ECFEnergy Management and Conservation
EEAStudent Transportation Services
EEA-RStudent Transportation Fee
EEACSchool Bus Scheduling and Routing
EEAEBus Safety Program
EEAEABus Driver Requirements, Training, and Responsibilities
EEAEAAControlled Substance and Alcohol Testing
EEAEAA-RControlled Substance and Alcohol Testing for Drivers
EEAEC (also JICC)Student Conduct on School Buses
EEAEC-R (also JICC-R)Student Conduct on School Buses (School Bus Conduct Code)
EEAEEBus Accidents
EEAEFVideo Cameras on Transportation Vehicles
EEAEF-RVideo Cameras on Transportation Vehicles
EEAF/EEAFASpecial Use of School Buses
EEAFBUse of School Buses by Community Groups
EEAFB-RUse of School Buses by Community Groups
EFCFree and Reduced Price Food Services
EFC-RFree and Reduced Price Food Services
EFEANutritious Foods and Beverages Choices
EGADCopyright Compliance
EGAD-RReproduction of Copyright Materials
EGAD-R-1Copyright Compliance (Computer Software)
EGAD-R-2Copyright Compliance (Books and Periodicals)
EGAD-R-3Copyright Compliance (Music Materials)
EGAD-R-4Copyright Compliance(Television Programs)
EGAEMail and Delivery Services
EGAEAElectronic Communication
EGAEA-RStaff Use of Electronic Mail
EHAAComputer/Data Security
ElInsurance Program/Risk Management
EJService Animals