School Operations Policies

Policies concerning Students

Section J contains statements concerning students: admissions, attendance rights and responsibilities, conduct, discipline, health and welfare services. However, all policies pertaining to the curriculum, instruction of students and extracurricular programs are filed in the I - Instruction section.

Policy Number  Policy Title
JBEqual Educational Opportunities
JBBSexual Harassment
JEACompulsory Attendance Ages
JFABDHomeless Section
JFABD-RHomeless Section
JFBA/JFBBSchool of Choice/Open Enrollment
JFBA/JFBB-RSchool of Choice/Open Enrollment
JFBA_LCSLottery and Enrollment Policy
JFCStudent Withdrawal from School/Dropouts
JGA-EGuidelines for Admission of Students and Acceptance of Credit From Home-Based Educational Programs and Other Non-Accredited Schools
JH_LCS/JHA_LCS/JHB_LCSAttendance and Truancy Policy
JHDExclusions and Exemptions from School Attendance
JHD-EExclusions and Exemptions from School Attendance
JICA.2_LCSDress Code Policy
JICC (also EEAEC)Student Conduct on School Buses
JICC-R (also EEAEC-R)Student Conduct on School Buses (School Bus Conduct Code)
JICDA.1_LCSCheating and Plagiarism
JICDA.2_LCSAcademic Failure Due to Absenteeism
JICEA_LCSStudent Publications Policy
JICEA-RSchool Related Student Publications (School Publications Code)
JICECStudent Distribution of Noncurricular Materials
JICEDStudent Expression Rights
JICFSecret Societies/Gang Activity
JICF-RSecret Societies/Gang Activity
JICGTobacco Use by Students
JICHControlled Substance Use by Students
JICH-RDrug and Alcohol Use by Students
JICIWeapons in Schools
JIE/JIGPregnant/Married Students
JIHStudent Interrogations and Searches
JIHBParking Lot Searches
JIIStudent Concerns, Complaints and Grievances
JII-RStudent Concerns, Complaints and Grievances
JJStudent Activities (Co-Curricular and Extracurricular)
JJJExtracurricular Activity Eligibility
JJJ-RExtracurricular Activity Eligibility
JJJ_LCSExtracurricular Activity Eligibility
JK_LCSDiscipline Policy
JKAUse of Physical Intervention
JKA-RUse of Physical Intervention
JKDAAlternatives to Suspension
JKFEducational Alternatives for Expelled Students
JKGExpulsion Prevention for at Risk Students
JLAStudent Insurance Program
JLCStudent Health Services and Records
JLC_LCSHealth Policy
JLCA/JJIDPhysical Examinations of Students (And Student Physicals for School Athletics)
JLCBImmunization of Students
JLCB-RImmunization of Students
JLCC/JLCCACommunicable Diseases
JLCC/JLCCA-R-1Students with HIV/AIDS
JLCC/JLCCA-R-2Diseases That Are Readily Transmissible in the School Environment
JLCDAdministering Medicine to Students
JLCDAStudents with Food Allergies
JLCEFirst Aid
JLCE-RFirst Aid
JLCEAFirst Aid Training
JLCGMedicaid Reimbursement
JLDGuidance and Counseling
JLDAStudent Psychological Services
JLDAAConfidentiality of Student Communications
JLDACScreening/Testing of Students (and Treatment of Mental Disorders)
JLDAC-ENotification of Rights Under the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA)
JLFReporting Child Abuse/Child Protection
JLF-RReporting Child Abuse
JLFFSex Offender Information
JLIASupervision of Students
JLIBStudent Dismissal Precautions
JLICStudent Safety Patrols
JLIDStudent Non-Motorized Transportation
JLIEStudent Automobile Use and Parking (and Use of Motor Scooters and Motorized Bikes)
JLJPhysical Activity
JS.1_LCSNetwork Security
JS.2_LCSCyber Bullying Policy
JS.3_LCSiPad Usage Policy
JS.4_LCSTechnology and Internet Acceptable Usage Policy