School Operations Policies

Policies concerning Personnel

Section G contains statements on personnel policies under three main subdivisions: subsection GB presents policy topics that pertain to all employees; subsection GC is for policies that pertain to professional personnel, including administrators, who must hold educational certification by the state to serve in their positions; subsection GD is for policies pertaining to all other personnel.

Policy Number  Policy Title
GBEAStaff Ethics/Conflict of Interest
GBEB.1_LCSCharacter Development and Staff Expectations
GBEB.2_LCSRestroom Use
GBEB.3_LCSWeapons, Drugs, and Alcohol
GBEB.4_LCSConfidential Information Policy
GBEBA_LCSStaff Dress Code
GBEEStaff Use of Electronic Mail
GBEE.1_LCSSocial Media Policy
GBEE.3_LCSLand Line Phones and Cellphones
GBEE.4_LCSUnauthorized Use
GBGSchool Personnel Liability Protections
GBGDWorkers' Compensation
GBGEChild Care Leave
GBGFFamily and Medical Leave
GBGF-RFamily and Medical Leave
GBGGAnnual Leave
GBGG-RAnnual Leave
GBGG_LCSPaid Annual Leave (PAL)
GBGHSick Leave Bank
GBGH-RSick Leave Bank
GBGIStaff Military Leave
GBGJStaff Bereavement Leave
GBGKStaff Legal Leave
GBGLStaff Leave Related to Domestic Abuse
GBGMStaff Family and Medical Leave
GBGNStaff Leave Related to Parental Involvement in K-12 Education
GBJADisclosure of Information to Prospective Employers
KE_LCS, GBK_LCSDispute Resolution Policy
GCBD_LCSGroup Insurance
GCDBAdministrative/Principal/Exempt Staff Vacations and Holidays
GCI_LCSProfessional Leave Requests
GCKAATeacher Displacement
GCQFDiscipline, Suspension and Dismissal of Professional Staff
GCS_LCSSoftware and Copyright Policy
GCUProfessional Organizations
GCWOwnership of Professional Materials
GDA-1Classified Staff Positions
GDA-2Non-Licensed Administrative/Professional/Technical Staff Positions
GDBDClassified and Non-Licensed Administrative/Professional/Technical Staff Fringe Benefits
GDCBClassified and Non-Licensed Administrative/Professional/Technical Staff Personal Leave of Absence
GDCBAClassified Staff Representative Leave
GDO-1Evaluation of Classified Staff
GDO-1REvaluation of Classified Staff
GDO-2Evaluation of Non-Licensed Administrative/Professional/Technical Staff
GDO-2REvaluation of Non-Licensed Administrative/Professional/Technical Staff
GDQD-RSuspension and Dismissal of District Vehicle Operators (Student Transportation & Support Fleet Drivers)