School Operations Policies

Policies concerning Instruction

Section I contains statements on the instructional programs: basic programs, special programs, activities programs, instructional resources and academic achievement.

Policy Number  Policy Title
IHA_LCSCurriculum Philosophy and Policy
IHA.2_LCSDepartmentalization of Teaching Policy
IHAMB_LCSCurriculum Human Sexuality Policy
IHBAPrograms for Disabled/Exceptional Students
IHBBGifted and Talented Education
IHBB-REarly Access for Highly Gifted Students
IHBCStudent Assistance Programs (Programs for At-Risk Students)
IHBCAPrograms for Pregnant/Parenting Students
IHBCA-RPrograms for Pregnant/Parenting Students
IHBDCompensatory Education (Title 1)
IHBEAEnglish As A Second Language
IHBEA-REnglish Language Learners
IHBFHomebound Instruction
IHBF-RHomebound Instruction
IHBGHome-Based Education
IHBG-RHome-Based Education
IHBG-EHome-Based Education
IHBHAAlternative Educational Programs
IHBHDAFacilities Planning and Funding for Charter Schools
IHBIBPreschool Programs
IHCExtended Instructional Programs
IHC-EThompson School District Application for Out of District Credit
IJA_LCSVideo Viewing Policy
IJA.2_LCSBooks and Supplies Policy
IJOA_LCSSpecial Events Policy
IJOBCommunity Resource Persons/Speakers
IJOB_LCSParent Involvement, Observation and Volunteering Policy
IKA_LCSGrading Policy
IKACAParent Conferences
IKADWeighted Grades
IKB.1_LCSHomework Policy
IKB.2_LCSLate Assignments
IKE_LCSPromotion Policy
IKE-RPromotion, Retention, and Acceleration of Students
IKFGraduation Requirements
IKF-EGraduation Requirements-24 High School Credits
IKF_LCSCurriculum Graduation Requirements Policy
IKFAEarly Graduation
IKFBGraduation Exercises
IL_LCSStandardized Testing Policy
ILBCEarly Literacy and Reading Comprehension (Colorado READ Act)
ILBC-REarly Literacy and Reading Comprehension (Procedures to Implement the Colorado READ Act)
IMAInstructional Effectiveness
IMBTeaching About Controversial Issues
IMB_LCSControversial Issues Policy
IMBA_LCSEvolution Policy
IMBBExemptions from Required Instruction
IMBB_LCSPE Credit Policy
IMDBFlag Displays