Open Enrollment

We begin enrolling for the next school year the first day back after Thanksgiving break. LCS follows the Thompson School District Open Enrollment period. The LCS Lottery Team will continue to fill openings for the school year as fluctuation occurs throughout the spring and summer. Please be patient during this process. Due to the 48 hours allotted for acceptance and one week time period allotted for families to return enrollment packets, calls will be made as quickly as possible.

Enrollment Process:

  1. The school enrolls students in the highest grades first and progressing to the lower grades.

  2. LCS pulls entire families. If your oldest student is chosen, any siblings will be offered open spots or will be moved to the sibling waitlist until an opening becomes available. (Note that siblings do receive spots before other students in the general lottery.)
  3. LCS gives families 48 hours to make a decision and respond to the school regarding their acceptance. The family then receives an Enrollment Packet to be filled out (for each accepted student) and returned to LCS within one week of acceptance.
  4. You will receive a confirmation email with a notification or completion or any items missing within two weeks of receipt of the family packets.
  5. LCS adds your family to its current parent newsletter, The Parent Pride, and the community newsletter, The Roar as well as any upcoming new family events occurring through the remainder of the school year and summer.

Parent Process: (Simple as 1, 2, 3!)

  1. Fill out the Intent to Enroll form.
    • Please be sure to indicate the school year you are interested in attending.
    • List all siblings interested, including children who are not quite ready for kindergarten and their possible start year.
    • If you have children currently at LCS, indicate SWL on your form so your new student can be placed on the sibling waitlist.
  2. Once your family has been accepted and you have responded, wait for the Enrollment Packet email to arrive and fill it out completely. (Remember to include a copy of your child’s birth certificate, a proof of residency (such as a utility bill), and current immunizations or exemption.)
  3. If you have a kindergartener or are new to the Thompson School District, you will also need to notify your neighborhood school that you will be attending LCS, a school of choice. LCS will follow-up with that school and get appropriate forms.


Is my student listed in the lottery and / or on the sibling waitlist?
To find out if your youngest or any new students are listed in our lottery database and to ensure they are listed properly, please contact the front desk. We do not give out information about what number a student is listed. (If they are not listed, fill out the Intent to Enroll form.

When is the last date LCS enrolls for the current school year?
LCS does its primary enrollment during the district's open enrollment period, which is typically the end of November 26th to mid-January). However, we do continue to enroll throughout the spring, summer and first semester. We will make enrollment calls monthly as we find out about any upcoming openings.

How can I prepare my child for the upcoming school year?
Knowledge is power. Please come to any monthly open houses, join our Facebook page, sign up for an LCS parent mentor and update the school with your email addresses and phone numbers as they change. Take a look at our website and read about the Core Knowledge curriculum (Singapore Math and RIGGS English programs), the mission and vision of the school, and the LCS Student Handbook. Also, take a look at the dress code and review what is allowed.

Can I or my child come observe LCS?
Parents and students are always welcome to observe classes. Contact the front desk for information about when classes begin and the student observation procedures. Parents are also welcome to get to know our teachers by volunteering even before their children begin attending.


Please download and fill out the intent to enroll form. Email, mail, or return in person to Loveland Classical Schools:
3835 14th St. SW
Loveland, CO 80537

Intent to Enroll Form

Intent to Enroll Form - Spanish