General Purpose

The Marketing Committee is commissioned by and responsible to the LCS board of directors. It has the responsibility for working with a board liaison to the committee to ensure LCS has a strategic marketing plan (SMP) that meets the current and future needs of the school, helps to direct the implementation plans of the SMP and tracks metrics associated with the SMP and the implementation plans.

Appointments and Composition

The members of the Marketing Committee shall be an appointed board liaison and others appointed by the board in accordance with the bylaws and that possess needed skills to ensure committee responsibilities are met. The committee shall include a member of Administration who is responsible for the execution of all implementation plans.

Reporting Structure

The Marketing Committee should meet monthly and submit quarterly written reports to the board via the committee chair.


  1. Develops the LCS Strategic Marketing Plan (SMP) and updates as needed
  2. Develops the annual marketing budget for approval as part of the LCS annual budget
  3. Works with the Board to appoint committee members with the needed skills for the success of the marketing plans
  4. Works with the Administration to ensure the implementation plans to execute the SMP are in place and being completed successfully defines success metrics for the SMP and the associated implementation plans (should include financial metrics where appropriate)
  5. Tracks the defined metrics
  6. Provides written quarterly reports to the Board
  7. Committee should meet monthly

the Marketing team.