The Homerathon is an annual event for LCS freshmen in which students convene to read aloud one of the two Homeric epic poems cover-to-cover. This year the event will be held partially at our partner Barnes & Noble at Centerra, and finished in the multi-purpose room at the school.

  • Date: April 3-4
  • Time: 3:30-7:30 p.m. at Barnes & Noble, 7:45-9:00 p.m. at Cafe Athens, and 9:30-7:00 a.m. at LCS' multi-purpose room.
  • Text: The Odyssey
To revive the spirit of storytelling, the first Homer-athon was held the first night of spring break, 2012 with fifteen members of the LCS class of 2015, three teachers, and a parent. The idea was simple, but daring: could high school freshmen spend a whole night reading aloud from one of Homer's epic poems cover-to-cover? The answer was an impressive "yes." The students read from 7 p.m. until 7 a.m. through The Odyssey, a feat that was itself an odyssey in oratory.

Last year students recited The Iliad, the grim tale of the final year of the Trojan War prior to its fall at the hands of the invading Greeks, led by the famed avenging rage of Achilles. Sixteen freshmen took turns reading aloud from the poem in the multi-purpose room overnight after a Greek dinner and short performance of the final scene of Aeschylus' "Prometheus Bound" by a few of the freshmen. The freshmen invited back the sophomores as guests of honor for the Homer-athon, and both classes took part in the oration together for the first hour.

Denver 9 News' Nick McGurk visited and ran a news piece on the event:

A word of assurance for parents: the Homer-athon is not a "sleepover." In fact, sleeping is not permitted! At heart, it is an event to promote bonding among a graduating class over something academic. Students have reflected that the Homer-athon helped their class become closer-knit by struggling through a difficult academic experience together. Marathon oratorical events such as this have become a trend among some of the leading university classics and humanities departments in the country. No other school does such an event in the area, and perhaps in the country. In the day of text messaging, the Muse still holds her spell over students at Loveland Classical Schools.

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