The “Homerathon” at Loveland Classical Schools is an all-night event during which students in the 9th grade read all (or as much as possible) of an epic poem aloud to one another—without falling asleep! Though students periodically play dodgeball, hold footraces, act out scenes from the reading, and eat snacks to revive themselves, they inevitably find that only with fortitude and by relying on one another can they complete such an epic undertaking. This vigil is a rite of passage for participating students, and one of Loveland Classical’s most archetypal events.

In 2012, the first Homer-athon was held where students recited The Odessey, an epic poem that centers on the Greek hero Odysseus and his journey home after the fall of Troy.

In 2013 students recited The Iliad, the grim tale of the final year of the Trojan War prior to its fall at the hands of the invading Greeks, led by the famed avenging rage of Achilles.

Denver 9 News' Nick McGurk visited the 2013 Homer-athon and ran a news piece on the event:

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A word of assurance for parents: the Homer-athon is not a "sleepover." In fact, sleeping is not permitted! At heart, it is an event to promote bonding among a graduating class over something academic. Students have reflected that the Homer-athon helped their class become closer-knit by struggling through a difficult academic experience together. Marathon oratorical events such as this have become a trend among some of the leading university classics and humanities departments in the country. No other school does such an event in the area, and perhaps in the country. In the day of text messaging, the Muse still holds her spell over students at Loveland Classical Schools.