Foundation Fundraising Results

2014-2015 School Year

Dear LCS parents, guardians and supporters,

As we close out another school year, the Foundation would like to thank the LCS community for all the support we received this year. Your monetary assistance and volunteer time allowed us to accomplish many goals. Here are a few of the highlights from this year.

  • New Playground - The purchase and installation of our new and much needed playground welcomed our kids back to school.
  • Picnic Tables - There were more picnic tables added for the students.
  • Basketball Goals - We purchased and installed two permanent basketball goals and two portable ones.
  • Recess equipment with deck boxes for storing the new items were added as well.
  • Playground Ramps - We were able to insure our new playground was ADA compliant by adding ramps, making the equipment wheelchair accessible.
  • Extended Walkways - We extended the walkways near the playground as well as in the pick-up and drop off area.
  • Books - The $9600 raised from the Scholastic book fair went towards increasing classroom libraries and buying books for morning forum.
  • Science Items - Our discount LCS card fundraiser earned $8100 for the purchase of many great items for our science department including circuit kits, molecular model kits, animal cell models, plant cell models, centrifuge and micro centrifuges, eclipse glasses, geodes, discover amber kits, classroom collection of rocks and minerals, infrared temperature gauges, ring stands, mollusks set, amphibians set, chicken set, 2 arthropods set, periodic table with roller mount and many, many more!
  • Food Related Contributions - The Foundation was able to support many extracurricular activities with food related contributions. Several of the activities included Grandparents’ Day, the 8th grade leadership forum, graduation and the Classical Night Symposium.

Thanks again for your support and have a great summer!


LCS Foundation Board