Frequently Asked Questions

Do you charge tuition?
No, a charter school is a tuition free public school.

Is there a dress code?
Yes, please refer to our Uniform Catalog.

Do you offer a sports program?
In our inaugural year, the LCS community has focused its’ efforts on the implementation of our academic program. We desire to offer athletic programs in the near future.

Is there a lunch program?
At this time, LCS requires students to bring lunch from home each day.

Does LCS have any private or religious affiliations?
As public schools, charter schools must be non-religious in their programs, admissions policies, governance, employment practices and all other operations, and the charter school’s curriculum must be completely secular. As with other public schools, charter schools may not provide religious instruction, but they may teach about religion from a secular perspective. And though charter schools must be neutral with respect to religion, they may play an active role in teaching civic values. The fact that some of these values are also held by religions does not make it unlawful to teach them in a charter school. Furthermore, faith-based and religious organizations can be involved with charter schools in many ways, and religious expression by students is allowed in charter schools to the same extent as in other public schools. See also the Department’s guidance on Constitutionally protected prayer in public elementary and secondary schools of ESEA, available at

Does LCS provide transportation for its students?
Transportation is the responsibility of the student and his/her family. Many LCS students participate in a carpool. LCS encourages parents to utilize carpooling whenever possible to mitigate the travel demand into and out of campus. Contact the Car Pool Coordinator at Loveland Classical Schools by calling (970) 541-1507 or to help with car pools and traffic direction.