Dispute Resolution Policy

Loveland Classical Schools (LCS) firmly believes that adults must be models of good character even in the most difficult situations. Should a parent have a concern, that concern should be resolved using the chain of command. Issues that arise in a particular classroom should always be addressed to the teacher first since the teacher has more direct knowledge of the student.

This process refers to parents' communication of any kind that seeks or requires an action on the part of the school regarding their students. LCS understands that parents have questions, opinions, and comments that need to be expressed concerning their children’s education. Such communication can be very helpful to the running of the school.

Stage 1: When a parent has a concern, he/she will first go to the source of the concern and attempt to resolve the issue. This must be attempted before proceeding further with the process.

Stage 2: If the issue at hand cannot be resolved in Stage 1, the immediate supervisor should be contacted and a dispute form obtained from that supervisor. (Please see the organizational chart.) If the issue involves a teacher or classroom coordinator, the parent will contact the Assistant Principal / Dean of Students and request a dispute form. Within 48 hours of receipt of the parent's dispute form, the administration will bring the complaint to the parties involved and have them complete the staff portion of the form. Also within 48 hours of receipt of the parent's dispute form, a meeting will be scheduled. The staff member should complete the dispute form within 24 hours and submit it to the administration. Administrators will keep all disputes confidential. The administration will not come to a resolution during the meeting, but rather within 48 hours of the meeting. (Please note all times only include school days. Weekends and holidays are excluded.) This resolution will be sent to both the parent and the staff members. All of these steps must be taken before proceeding to Stage 3.

Stage 3: If the dispute cannot be resolved in Stage 2, the dispute form may be brought to next immediate supervisor according to the organizational chart. If deemed necessary, another meeting will be scheduled with all parties involved in the dispute within 48 hours. Students and other children will not be included in such a meeting. The immediate supervisor will notify all parties of the resolution within 48 hours of meeting. If the supervisor deems a meeting is not necessary, the supervisor will update all parties within 48 hours of receiving the dispute form. If a resolution is not achieved, the issue will be referred to the next immediate supervisor until it has reached the level of the Principal / Executive Director of Education. When the Principal / Executive Director of Education receives a dispute, he/she will review the dispute and contact the parent with either a resolution or update on the progress of his/her investigation within 48 hours. Each time a new supervisor is involved, a new resolution form must be sent to the parent and compiled with the preceding documentation.

Stage 4: If a resolution is not achieved with the involvement of the Principal / Executive Director of Education, the dispute may be referred to the School Accountability Committee (SAC). The parent will contact . The SAC will only entertain disputes after the chain of command has been properly followed and the dispute form has been completed at each step along the way. Formal complaints submitted to the SAC must be written and all documentation must be provided to expedite the process. The chair of the SAC will respond to confirm receiving the dispute and provide details of the SAC process.

Stage 5: If a resolution is not achieved with the involvement of the SAC, the following steps may be taken:

The dispute may be submitted in writing to the LCS’ board of directors (BOD) along with the dispute form. The board can be . The president of the board will contact the parent to confirm receiving the dispute. The BOD will review the summary and investigate if deemed necessary. The BOD will then notify all parties in an appropriate manner. It is always required that individuals inform involved parties when progressing along the chain of command.

Concerns Regarding Policy

Disputes regarding policy should be directed to the board via the email listed above.

In accordance with our charter all grievances must be resolved at the school. Though we are chartered through Thompson School District (TSD), the district does not have general oversight of LCS operations. Only violations of the amended charter should be reported to TSD.

Who is Involved in the Process

Concerns with...

Concerns with...