Character Education

Many problems in today's classrooms (and homes) can be traced to a lack of character. Here at Loveland Classical Schools, a cornerstone of our instruction is developing personal character in our students with the purpose of making morally conscientious citizens. Character is the first part of our mission statement, "Loveland Classical Schools assists parents in developing young minds with virtuous character, critical thinking skills, and a passion for learning to become exceptional community stewards."

Character is in the inward values seen by others in outward actions, the moral compass we use to make choices, and who we are when no one else is watching. Good character includes the ability to make the connection between the thoughts we think, the decisions we make, and our behavior. Building strong character is a maturation process that comes with training as well as life experiences. Our school motto (in Latin) is "Fallamur ut floreamus," which means, "Let us falter that we may flourish." For children, education using rigorous, content-rich material is a tool to develop admirable characteristics and our core virtues are part of our curriculum. We encourage students to recognize they have much to gain from hardship. We strive to reinforce positive behaviors and guide inappropriate behaviors in our students.

Our Core Virtues